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The Solarcon 99 antenna is by far the best-selling CB radio Base station antenna on the market. It's easy to use, easy to tune, and easy to install.

  • 1/2 wave over 1/4

  • Omnidirectional

  • Fiberglass (weather tough)

  • Handles 2000 Watts (peak) about 1000 RMS

  • SWR Tunable, 25-32 MHz.

  • Covers far above and below the traditional CB channels

  • Solarcon claims 9.9 dBi, we believe it to be closer to 3.9 dBi gain.

  • DC Grounded

  • 18' Tall (Three 6' Sections)

  • Insulated up to 14,500 Volts

Solarcon Antron 99 Base Station CB Antenna

SKU: A-99

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