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The KL 203 P is a 12V linear amplifier for use in the frequency range 28 – 29.7 MHz, with a drive power from 1 to 10W in AM-FM-SSB modes. The KL 203 P also features a 26dB RX preamplifier with electronic switching, which can be activated via a switch on the front panel.


Please use common sense when using this product. Common sense refers to proper antenna SWR and Input Power requirements set forth by the manufacturer.


It is not intended for use on frequencies below 28 MHZ in the USA. A low pass filter on the output is highly recommended. 

If you are not sure how to safely use this product, I would highly recommend no more than a single final radio be used on AM. If your radio has FM, 10 watts input is the absolute most this amplifier can handle. 

If your radio has SSB, it is highly recommended to keep the Peak Envelope Power input to below 20 watts if you want this product to last.

It is very easy to make mistakes which will cause immediate failure to this product.

It is also known that over driving this amplifier while using the Receive Preamp feature will cause the Receive Preamp feature to stop working. If this happens, it is a consequence of using too much input power from the radio.


I will supply a short demo video showing the amplifier working before shipment.

******With this being said, Scott's Radio does not warranty (replace, exchange, and or refund) any RM Italy product after the sale for any reason. ******

RM Italy KL203P

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