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Stock option

New radios will ship in 10-Meter only.

No video is supplied with the stock option.


Alignment option will have a short video supplied via YouTube when time allows.

(As of 2/22/24 videos are not being offered due to them causing delays in processing orders.)

Link to what to expect from an alignment here.


See this video link for more information on what is included with the Alignment and Conversion option.

Currently not offering this option.

Check back later.


— Powerful Performance: The Radioddity QT40 10 meter radio boasts a 40 watts transmission power and 28.000-29.695MHz frequency range that delivers crystal-clear communication over long distances.— Noise Reduction: With both TX and RX digital noise reduction technology, the QT40 ensures that you'll never have to strain to hear or be heard in noisy environments.— Accurate Signal Meter: The PWR/RX RSSI Signal Meter provides you with a clear picture of your signal strength, helping you to optimize your communication for the best possible results.— Weather Channel: With its impressive weather band and NOAA alert feature, you can stay ahead of the curve and be prepared for any sudden changes in the weather.— Customizable Features: The QT40 is equipped with a range of features, including CTCSS/DCS, PC program, ASQ, SQ, RF gain, VOX, HI-CUT, etc.


Warranty info:

1 Year and 6 months Manufacturer's Warranty.• Radioddity's limited warranty applies to all BRAND-NEW items sold by and other authorized dealers.• This warranty is non-transferable, and proof of purchase from us or an authorized dealer is required for warranty service.

What Does This Limited Warranty Cover?We warrant that the Products are free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and use, in accordance with the respective Product user manual, during the Warranty Period. Please refer to the Instructions inside each package for a description of proper use and care of the unit.

What Does This Limited Warranty Not Cover?This limited warranty does not cover damages directly or indirectly arising or resulting from or during:(1) accident, misuse, abuse, vandalism, or acts of God (including lightning and other weather conditions)(2) use with another product or other damage or loss suffered by the use or combination of any other item(3) improper or inadequate maintenance(4) repairs by an unauthorized service technician(5) normal wear and tear 

Please remember. Scott's Radios LLC does not handle the warranty of Radioddity products. Customers must contact Radioddity directly for warranty support.


Scott's Radios LLC will not replace, refund (Partial/Full), and or repair any radio supplied by Radioddity.


SKU: 715-RC-QT40

    Our Policy

    Returns and Refunds are generally not offered by Scott's Radios. I operate a small business and do not have a return policy like some giant online retailers.

    If a return must be made, a 50% restocking fee will apply to the total purchase price.

    I do unbox and test on camera all products returned.

    Please be sure what you're ordering is exactly what you're wanting to avoid the restocking fee!

    I will not ship, in good faith, a radio that is found to be defective during my testing.

    USA Based 10-Meter Radios from Stryker, President Electronics USA, Connex, General Lee, Ranger, and Galaxy are strictly Factory Warranty Only. Customers will need to ship their radio to the designated Warranty Repair Facility.  Shipping cost is normally the responsibility of the radio owner.  

    Shipping back is normally paid by the Warranty Repair Center.

    Scott's Radios LLC will not, in good faith, modify any 10 Meter Radio in a way that would cause damage and lead to a premature failure.

    Scott's Radios LLC does not offer refunds or accept any returns for any reason on the USA based 10-Meter Radios.

    Blown Driver/ Finals, Regulators, Protection Diodes, will be considered operator error and a repair will most likely be at the expense of the radio owner.

    10-Meter Radios from K-PO, CRT, Alinco, Superstar, and Anytone do not carry any after the sale warranty. This is not the choice of Scott's Radios LLC, but we do also accept this policy when buying these radios in bulk for resale.

    Scott's Radios LLC does provide a YouTube video for all New 10-Meter Radio Sales.

    Since these radios are more affordable, the customer must decide if paying more (in most cases) for a USA based 10-Meter Radio (With Warranty) is the best option for them.

    I do recommend all in the radio hobby invest in a quality Antenna Analyzer. Most radio failures are caused by an operator using a mismatched antenna system, or questionable linear amplifier setup.

    “Remember Your Antenna/Feed line” is the most important piece of any radio station.

    “Avoid the myth that power is the most important factor.”

    I'm are here to help in any way I can if an issue does arise.

    I want all of my customers to have years of enjoyment out of all of their radio equipment.

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