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Wilson 1000 CB Radio Magnet Mount Antenna 880-900800B

You can’t go wrong with the Wilson 1000 Magnetic CB Antenna. Yes, it’s strong and durable. But it also has one more thing going for it. Its performance was tested and proven at Lockheed’s Antenna Test Laboratory. 

The powerful magnetic base of this CB Radio antenna will not fall off your vehicle like others do. In fact, it can withstand speeds of 100 mph (160.93 km/h). Meanwhile, the Mo bay Thermoplastic design of the Wilson 1000 Magnetic CB antenna and its silver-plated coil winding keep power loss to a minimum while increasing signal strength. 


Features & Specs:

  • Rated For 3000 Watts of Power 
  • Gain Performance Proven at Lockheed’s Antenna Test Laboratory
  • Made With High Impact Mo bay Thermoplastic
  • Silver-Plated, Low Loss Coil Winding
  • Removable Coil for Safe Storage
  • Removable PL-259 for east installation

Wilson 1000 Magnet Mount 880-900800B

SKU: 880-900800B